Discover the NO-FAIL Method for Making an Extra Income in Nigeria with the Affiliate Marketing System Even If:

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You were a busy paid employee works hard from 9-5, all week

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An absolute beginner who has never sold a thing online

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You have tried selling online before, but you failed gallantly

Wait a minute, what are we even talking about… What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model where a marketer, referred to as an affiliate or advertiser, earns commission from marketing another individual’s or company’s products. The owner of the product is called a vendor or publisher.

Why all the buzz about affiliate marketing?

Now, more than ever before, the need to explore alternative sources of income is important as we deal with the rising cost of living, inflation, among others.

But the challenge is getting an extra source of income that doesn’t take you away from your other businesses or daytime job.

Most people are yet to understand and appreciate the legitimate business opportunities that exist online because of some bitter experience they or their loved ones had in the very recent past.

There’s also the problem of identifying products or services you can offer with low capital requirements, little technical expertise, few gadgets and flexible work hours.

This is where the NO-FAIL, EVERGREEN Affiliate Marketing system readily comes to mind. One of many beautiful things about this business model is its flexibility. There is no create your own digital product or manage a warehouse for the physical products.

You can keep it running without disrupting your daily paid job… an excellent way to earn passive income online.

But that’s not all, affiliate marketing exposes you to more career and business growth opportunities like…

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Put Your Current marketing skills to the test or learn new ones that improve your earning power

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learn new methods to reach out to customers and sell more of your products or services

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Learn more ways to earn money online designing sales funnels, writing copies, managing social media accounts for clients... Generally, learn the essentials of digital marketing

check affiliate marketing masterclass

You were a busy paid employee works hard from 9-5, all week

check affiliate marketing masterclass

You were a busy paid employee works hard from 9-5, all week

How the affiliate marketing system works…

neil patel - affiliate marketing works

The popular British digital marketer, Neil Patel, presents the above to illustrate how the affiliate marketing system works.

First, you need to identify and register with a legitimate affiliate network. This is a platform serving as an intermediary between product and service creators or owners (Advertiser), and the affiliate marketer (Publisher). Depending on the policy of the network, registration is usually at no cost or at a low cost.

Entire businesses have been built and are being expanded on this model, with globally felt impact.

Think Amazon, eBay, Airbnb, AliExpress,, Shopify, Jumia, and so many of them. These businesses don’t necessarily produce or own the products they promote. They just serve as intermediaries between the owners or creators of the products and the marketers.

Affiliate networks are generally known to list high-value products on their platforms. Such products are from individuals or organizations who are considered to an authority on particular areas of need.

Next, identify a need, then recommend a relevant product or service listed on the platform. In return, you earn a commission for every successful recommendation, that is, a recommendation which ends up in a sale.

For example, you could earn as much as 30 – 70% or 8,500 to 25,000 on every sale. This could be higher on some products.

But, as simple as it sounds, there’s this issue…

The path before the dog looks straight, clear enough for it to pass but not so easy for it to pass when you consider the stick it has to cross with…

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass: 7 Steps to Succeeding as an Affiliate Marketer

Many who go into affiliate marketing soon get overwhelmed by the hurdles they find themselves battling with as soon as they got to the bridge, that is, after registration.

Prior to the registration, they had to deal with identify a legitimate and reliable affiliate network to join.

Afterwards, you must…

Identify the products or service to promote. Of course, there are as many products and services on any affiliate network as there are human needs. Since you cannot satisfy all the needs, you cannot promote every product you see on the affiliate network’s marketplace. In this affiliate marketing masterclass, you will discover how to identify what to promote

Know how to promote your products or services. The affiliate marketing masterclass will review various strategies for effectively promote your choice products or services with…and you don’t always have to start as a badass marketer

Know where to promote your goods and services. There are several platforms, both paid and free, you can promote your products and services on. Most of them you can promote on with just your smartphone. We will be reviewing some of these platforms in the affiliate marketing masterclass.

Know the tools to promote your goods and services with. The cost of promoting your products or services can quickly add up if you start off paying for promotional tools. What if I could show you tools you can actually start using for free and right away? All you have to do is sign up for the affiliate marketing masterclass below

Identify the affiliate network/s to work withThere is proliferation of affiliate networks at the moment, and the buzz comes the tendency to get swayed by the hype and unrealistic offers. In the affiliate marketing marketing masterclass, we will look at reliable affiliate networks you should start with at minimal to no cost.

Understand what affiliate marketing is and what it is not. Most people tend to see affiliate marketing as multi-level marketing and referral marketing. In the masterclass, we will attempt to compare these three marketing models and why I recommend affiliate marketing.

Avoid common affiliate marketing mistakes. There are costs to bear, skills to learn and mistakes to avoid. We will be looking at the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

With at least 4 years as an eCommerce merchant, 3 years as an affiliate and doing 8-9 figures helping businesses grow online with experiences gathered from eCommerce and affiliate marketing, sharing the bit I know would be a great delight

My first Milestone as an affiliate marketer was making my first sale, cos I started with zero experience in internet marketing.

Second, was when I hit six figures in commissions.

4 months In and I have done over a million in sales and about 500k in commissions


Started with Zero Experience

This is what Affiliate Marketing has helped me do
I haven’t made millions yet but I am investing what I have made in raising structure to start my POULTRY farm.

Start Affiliate Marketing now to fund your passion.

Mazi C. D.

Fast Action Bonuses

Now that you have an idea of what the key take-aways from the masterclass would be, I’d like you to know I have some additional goodies for you once you take action on the lessons you learn from it. First, let me emphasize that your attendance in the class is at NO COST. You are paying nothing to attend.

Only sign-up with the form below and make sure to be in attendance.

Just for attending, you will get at least 3 e-books detailing

?Affiliate Marketing Success Secrets

?Becoming An Affiliate Marketing Don

?The Affiliate Marketing Masterplan

Now for the time-sensitive Fast-Action Bonuses*, you get…

?10 copywriting e-books

?on-demand access to vital premium plugins for your website and marketing drive

? practical ways to raise capital for your affiliate marketing business, or any business, without taking a loan

?other unannounced bonuses (to be disclosed at the training).

*These fast-action bonuses are for a limited time and for those who act on the free training to start their own affiliate marketing business.

Got Questions?

Can you do affiliate marketing alongside your current daytime job? Yes, absolutely!

Will it require my time? Yes, definitely. However, it is possible for you to automate your engagement to such a level where you cut it down to the barest minimum while you give the greater part of your time to getting your salary at the end of the month

Will there be some form of financial commitment? Definitely! You see, while it is possible to start some businesses with little or zero capital, you cannot continue running the business without money.

How much work do I need to put in to start seeing results? As much as you can. Your success depends on how much effort you put into promoting your chosen products or services.

How soon can I start seeing results? Affiliate marketing is performance-based reward system. That is, you must put in the effort if you desire to see quicker results. If you get off today, firing on all cylinders, you are more likely to get better results than someone who has been taking his/her time the past 3 years.  In essence, it depends on your efforts!

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