Revealed: The Evergreen Method for Building a Profitable Online Business that Makes 100 - 750k/Mo.

Discover the NO-FAIL Method for Making an Extra Income in Nigeria with the Affiliate Marketing System Even If: 

  • You Were A Busy 9 - 5 Paid Employee
  • You Were An Absolute Beginner Who Has Never Sold Anything Online
  • You Have Tried & Failed At Selling Online In The Past

What You’ll Discover During This Free Closed Group Training

First off, this training is not for everybody. It is only for those who are ready to put in the required level of dedication.

If you are like most people, your knowledge of affiliate marketing may be limited. We look forward to changing that during the training.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

One beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is: you don't need to create your own digital product to get started. In the training we will look at what affiliate marketing is and what it is not.

How To Develop A Profitable Online Business Model With Affiliate Marketing

Most people misunderstood the entire purpose of this business model and struggle to break even. This training will show how this could be the golden business idea you have been searching for.

What Are The Minimum Requirements for Getting Started As An Affiliate Marketer

Depending on the platform, minimum requirements may differ. In this training, we look at these requirements and how to get started with a low capital investment.

Ehimika Quincy [Your Host]

Why I Recommend Affiliate Marketing

Now, more than ever before, the need to explore alternative sources of income is important as we deal with the rising cost of living, inflation, among others. 

But the challenge is getting an extra source that doesn't take you away from your oyther businesses or daytime job. There's also the problem of identifying products or services you can offer with low capital requirements, little technical expertise, few gadgets and flexible work hours.

This is where the NO-FAIL, EVERGREEN Affiliate Marketing system comes to the rescue. One of many beautiful things about this business model is its flexibility.

You can keep it running without disrupting your daily paid job... an excellent way to earn passive income online.

How This Marketing System Works

I identify a need, then I recommend a relevant product created by someone who is an authority on the issue. In return, I earn a commission of 30 - 70% or 8,500 to 25kfor every successful recommendation, that is, a recommendation which ends up in a sale. This could be higher on some products.

This system also makes you better marketer. It's a skill you certainly need to succeed in this system.

Now, hear what others have to say about affiliate marketing.



I started implementing all I learnt from the 72IG Implementation Course on the 8th of November 2021.
In a space of 23 Days I made
#844,000 as a complete newbie.
As a Nigerian corper that earns 33k at the end of the month, this just
changed everything.

Mazi chizoba dim


This is what Affiliate Marketing has helped me do
I haven't made millions yet but I am investing what I have made in raising structure to start my POULTRY farm.
Start Affiliate Marketing now to fund your passion.


@_Owan Robert

My first Milestone as an affiliate marketer was

making my first sale, cos I started with zero experience in internet marketing.

Second, was when I hit six figures in commissions.

4 months In and I have done over a million in sales and about 500k in commissions

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