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How I Got My E-Commerce Business Up And Running Profitably With Less Than ₦10,000...Excluding The Cost Of Training

When I ventured into e-commerce a few years ago, I was faced with the common challenges of finding a hot product or at least a product with a ready market, sourcing for the product, having a website, running ads and dealing with the delivery hassle.

It made no sense that I had to cough out so much money for a training and still go through these hurdles. Needless to say my first two trainings were dead on arrival. The third paid off and is still paying off.

This training showed me exactly what I needed to do to identify a hot-selling product or a product that would sell.

It also gave me an idea of how to source for this product when I found it.... and lots more.

I went on and paid for a website and even registered a business... I didn't need these as I would later realize.

In my search, I found my winning product - a convinience gadget. I retailed 5 pieces for ₦7,500 or ₦1,500 apiece.


My first winning product

Next, I ran an ad on Facebook + Instagram using WhatsApp as my landing page with ₦2,000.

I sold each product for ₦8,000 and two for ₦15,000

I was charged ₦2,000 - ₦2,500 per delivery

Three orders were gotten for 4 pieces. One customer ordered 2 at

₦15,000. I sold one for ₦8,000 and one was lost on transit.

Total cost of delivery was ₦4,500.



1. Product procurement [1,500 x 5] = ₦7,500

2. Facebook Ad cost                         = ₦2,000

3. Delivery cost                                  = ₦4,500


Total expenses                                  = ₦14,000

Total sales                                          = ₦23,000

Profit = ₦23,000 - ₦14,000 = ₦9,000

It is important to note that my delivery fees were deducted only after a successful delivery and the balance is remitted to me.

In a nutshell, I relaunched my e-commerce business with ₦9,500 or less than ₦10,000 [10k]. This is aside the cost of training.

I made my first ₦500,000 selling online without running ads through my website. You can do better.

However. here you have an improved and a better blueprint than I had when I started. This has taken care of 98% of whatever work you need to do to get started.

This blueprint will help you start, relaunch or scale your e-commerce business and requires....

◉ No researching of a hungry market to sell to
◉ No researching of a hot selling product to sell
◉ No creating of your own website(We have done it for you)
◉ No warehousing of products
◉ No need to create your own marketing materials
◉ No need to speak to anyone/customers
◉ No delivering to customers yourself

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