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I’ve just collected another $150 (N109,650) from the client in the US making it a total of $1,550 since I started writing for her in December. My Mom is so proud after knowing I can make her entire monthly salary legitimately with just one job 😂” – Nonso Adim

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IB and Nana, another $500 (N365,5000) in the bag after just 7 emails for the Ocean client in Singapore. He is ready to hire me for more roles in his company now. I’m so happy – Grace

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Just $100 (N73,100) but na for the test project of 2 welcome emails I wrote and sent him in an hour sef – if things go well he might decide to work with me full-time. Thanks for the strategy call, Sir – Yusuf Hassan

$1,000 after just two jobs

photo 2022 05 24 19 05 32

N100k for a sequence

photo 2022 04 01 21 14 04

All this money was made by simply writing simple emails on the internet.

And whether you believe it or not…

If you can write simple letters in plain English, you can change your life, secure your loved ones and fund your japa plans if you want to travel this year.

Take it from someone who…

Was Able To Go From Living In One Room Face Me I Face You With 5 Different People, Begging For A N50,000 Permanent Job After My NYSC At FAAN…
To Earning Between
$2,000 – $4,000 Every Month Since 2021 Writing Simple Emails With My Phone For ONLY Companies Abroad

photo 2021 11 27 22 58 26

Don’t laugh.

But this was me in 2019.

photo 2022 06 29 16 23 33

Hustling and begging for an N50,000 permanent job at the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria Kano while managing life with 5 other people in a tiny hole I called a room then.

As par na wetin I fit afford then.

Looking back now, I am grateful to God for not allowing me to get that job.


Not only would I have been completely miserable.

The chances that my lovely mum would still be suffering today and my two sisters married off to men they don’t love would have been greater.

Trust me.

As the first and only son, nothing would have killed me faster than that.

I love these people.

They are my life.

And they are the reason I resolved after going back home looking like a pack of dried bones to make life better for them by doing the only thing I know how best to do – writing.

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And the rest they say is history…

This is me today being able to afford anything I want, spoil my mum and my sisters, and living life on my terms without any boss telling me when to wake up, how much to make or where to go

photo 2022 06 29 16 30 24
photo 2022 06 29 16 40 24


And as of the moment of writing this letter to you, I am still in the village for Christmas.

And I’ll choose when I’ll go back to Lekki where I live.

…without the fear of losing my job or even not making at least $2,000 before month-end.


Because I’ve mastered the ‘recession-proof skill’ of the future.

A skill that millions of businesses abroad will hire you for if they know you possess.

NanaboAyebatonyen a 1671182286 png selar.co 20221216091806


You might not recognize this yet – but nothing ever changes in Nigeria.

And worse still if you have no rich family to help you.

Nigeria might work.

But the question is, are you going to put off your dreams and aspirations till they decide to fix them?

No, I don’t think so.


1 dollar as of today is N731 naira.

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 07 at 15.22.45 1

100 hundred like this one I made in 1 day here will be N73,000


Most companies in Nigeria pay less than that to their full-time staff.

And the question is, is this how you’ll survive?

Buy foodstuff that’s becoming more expensive every day?

Help your family?

Build a house?


Buy a car?

Travel and do the things that you love.

…if you earn less than 100k a month.

And that’s if you even have a job.

I am sorry to say this.

But it is not wishful thinking – to change your life, you need money.

And that’s why I want to show you how smart-thinking people like me.. duh… are taking advantage of the naira fall by earning in dollars online doing simple jobs companies there using our smartphones.

Not to brag… 

I have students who make at least $1,000 (N730,000) every single month writing simple emails for companies abroad using just their phones. 

And the best part is…

You can do this too even if your English isn’t perfect.

NanaboAyebatonyen a 1671184442 png selar.co 20221216095402

…with that kind of money coming in every month.

You can rent a better house for yourself.

Retire your parents.

Take care of your siblings.

photo 2022 06 29 16 31 32

Shame those who mock you today.

And even buy a car or start building your own house.

Umoru Ibrahim


These tasks are simple.

It doesn’t require you to bring two people.

You don’t even have to see anyone.

Just you and your phone.

Just like I am writing this one now.

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 09 at 13.00.41

Writing simple words that help businesses abroad educate, inspire and inform their audience

…to buy their products or services.


If you never liked English in school, this won’t stop you from making money as you won’t need to read or conjugate a single verb.

Sound fair?


Now if you’d like to know how to earn dollars writing simple emails for firms abroad and escape the hardship of this economy…

I’m holding a LIVE webinar this weekend showing a small group of people how to do this. 

To become a part of these people, continue reading…

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=> What to say to these clients to get hired and work for them

=> How to cash out your dollars in black market using your phone WITHOUT talking to any aboki or money changer.

Plus the trade secrets of my first 30 million naira student.

All for FREE.

Some Results From People Who Have Learned From Me

photo 2022 05 24 19 05 32
photo 2022 04 01 21 14 04
photo 2022 06 29 16 01 17
FotoJet 2
photo 2022 04 25 19 50 00
photo 2022 06 29 16 06 25

Now even though this class is free.

Seats on the live webinar are limited!!!

I don’t know if you’ll get a spot even now.

So help yourself by…

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