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These emails take between 30 – 60 minutes to write, submit, and get paid and I’ll be showing you how to get started immediately in just a moment.

But first…

For just a minute.

Take a look at these two pictures below.

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 10 at 16.56.32
Umoru Ibrahim


The first was taken in 2019 at the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria in Kano where I was hustling and begging every day to get a job of N50,000.

The second was yesterday in my parking lot here in Lekki Lagos.


There is nothing so unique about them except that maybe just like you I have been at a place in life where I had to steal leftover food to survive.

…while having a boss who worked me like a donkey, and denied me salary for 11 months and 2 weeks with vague promises of work at FAAN.

Yes, I was naive.

But don’t blame me.

As a first child and only son, I had a responsibility to my mother and sisters who had to suffer to see me through school.

And watching them suffer day after day waiting for Ibro whom they sacrificed to see through school hurt me deeply – and I was ready to do anything to help them.

Looking back now, I really thank God for not allowing me to get that job.

Not just because a salary of N50,000 to even N100,000 which is what I might be earning by now is useless in this present Nigeria.

I’d have been tied to a chair and cubicle for the better part of my adult life while…

Dreaming only of a life that I might never have till I leave earth


This is me today living comfortably in Nigeria… I’m able to afford anything I want…Take care of my parents and my younger sisters…And most importantly, live life on my terms without worrying so much about money

photo 2022 06 29 16 30 24
photo 2022 06 29 16 31 32
photo 2022 06 29 16 40 24

Dear friend,

Take it or leave it – after all, it is your choice.

The Nigerian economy is in shambles.

Our inflation rate sits comfortably at 21.47% with an external borrowing of N77TRN we don’t even know how and when we’ll finish repaying.

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 09 at 17.53.30


If you understand unit economics, you’ll know that what you bought for N1,000 today will likely be N1,200 in a few weeks.

Don’t blame the people selling.

With diesel and petrol at an all-time high, we are yet to see anything.

Fuel Scarcity

And the worst part is that no one is doing anything to even help the poor masses.


If you still believe that the government will one day wave a magic wand to help you, you are in for a rude shock.

Take a moment and think about this…

Why are our medical and software engineers fleeing the country?

And to think that they are among the people that earn the highest salaries here.


I don’t want to sound negative.

But I feel if I don’t tell you what is really going on, you might still be thinking that there is a savior somewhere.

Let me tell you…

Nigeria is blessed and it is my prayer that things get better.

But before that time…

I believe you don’t want to die of hunger.

To keep searching for jobs that the rich have bribed their fat-a$$ed kids into.

To keep seeing your mates doing nice things for their families, getting married, and buying cars.

To keep praying to God every day for a future He has already promised and given you.

You should know this already…

The naira to the dollar exchange rate as of the time of writing is $1 = N731 and the way things are looking, it might reach $1 = N1,000

Oh, yes God forbid is easy to say but ask yourself… since the dollar began rising from $1 = N150… has it ever gone back down?

Smart-thinking people like me.. duh… are taking advantage of the naira fall by earning in dollars online doing simple jobs for firms abroad using just my smartphone.

Not to brag… I make at least $2,000 (N1,462,000) every single month writing simple emails for companies abroad using just my phone. 

And you can do this too even if your English isn’t perfect.

NanaboAyebatonyen a 1671184442 png 20221216095402

Now if you’d like to know how to earn dollars writing simple emails for firms abroad and escape the hardship of this economy…

I’m holding a LIVE webinar this weekend showing a small group of people how to do this. 

To become a part of these people, continue reading…

In This Live Webinar, You'll Discover...

=> How you can replicate my results for yourself too (N600,000)in 30 days 

=> What this email writing is all about and how you can get started

=> How to find paying clients who pay for this service (They pay $50 – $100 for just one single email and the least you’ll write is 5 emails. So do the math

=> What to say to these clients to get hired and work for them

=> How to cash out your dollars in black market using your phone WITHOUT talking to any aboki or money changer

Some Results From People Who Have Learned From Me

photo 2022 05 24 19 05 32
photo 2022 04 01 21 14 04
photo 2022 06 29 16 01 17
FotoJet 2
photo 2022 04 25 19 50 00
photo 2022 06 29 16 06 25
WhatsApp Image 2023 01 07 at 10.42.32
I’ve just collected another $150 (N109,650) from the client in the US making it a total of $1,550 since I started writing for her in December. My Mom is so proud after knowing I can make her entire monthly salary legitimately with just one job😂
Nonso Adim
WhatsApp Image 2023 01 07 at 10.42.32 2
IB and Nana, another $500 (N365,500) in the bag after just 7 emails for the Ocean client in Singapore. He is ready to hire me for more roles in his company now. I’m so happy
WhatsApp Image 2023 01 07 at 10.42.32 1
Just $100 (N73,100) but na for the test project of 2 welcome emails I wrote and sent him in an hour sef - if things go well he might decide to work with me full-time. Thanks for the strategy call, Sir
Yusuf Hassan

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