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How to Make Money Online In 7 Days Or Less with little Or No Experience

The common idea is that you must be really into some shady deals to actually make money online in nigeria. Unfortunately, there are evidences to support this perception. What do you think?

However, now, more than ever before, many are cashing out big time by doing legitimate businesses online. in this short post, I will show you one of such business models. 

The first time I ever made money online, it was as a newbie e-commerce merchant. This happened shortly after concluding a week long e-commerce training which held in two private WhatsApp groups. The combine cost of both courses was ₦8000!

While the first trainer was quick to throw us out as soon as we paid for the main course materials, the second guy went on to recommend some of his “hot-selling” products to those who paid for his masterclass which held on Telegram.

I went on to pay for some of those products, even though it was meant to be a partnership investment from a friend. In all, ₦30,000 was spent in getting and promoting the products. The trainer had some Abuja orders and he asked me to fulfil them.

It was his way of encouraging me on my new journey. I was so excited to know there were orders for me to fulfil already. My first customer works in the Federal Secretariat and she was the only person who actually received and paid for her order… ₦8,000 or so.

The rest were audio orders. My money eventually went down the drain after I tried selling another set of “hot-selling” products – Ghana soap and coconut oil. The guy defaced the label on the coconut oil’s bottle for reasons best known to him.

This all happened between mid-September and late November 2018. Eventually, I bought a more expensive course on the 31st of October and went on to make huge profits between December 2018 and January 2019. Story for another day… 

After the success I had with e-commerce while implementing the third and most comprehensive course, I was eager to promote it to others. Fortunately, in December 2018, the course creator informed us of an opportunity to do so and earn a 50% commission.

That is: you earn ₦12,500 for promoting it at the fixed price of ₦25,000. This sure sounds like a good deal. I went headlong into it in January 2019.

I only had my Facebook feed to promote it on. A friend from my secondary school days indicated interest and the deal was sealed in less than 5 days. The notification came at night.

  • I didn’t have to buy anything
  • I didn’t pay for ads
  • We started the conversation on Facebook and closed it WhatsApp
  • I was paid my ₦12,500 commission as the hosting platform’s schedule. This marked my breakthrough into…

Affiliate Marketing

This is a business and advertising model where an individual engages some promotional tactics to promote the products or services of another business. In turn for his or her services, they get paid a commission for every sale. The commission is based on a predetermined percentage.

According to Investopedia, affiliate marketing isn’t new. It’s not so different from what the traditional salesman does when he tries to convince a prospect to purchase a product or subscribe to a service. He is also promoting that business or service and gets paid a commission for every sale.


digital marketing, analytics, and cookies have made affiliate marketing a billion-dollar industry.

Amazon is responsible for making affiliate marketing popular as it tried to grow its e-commerce business. 

And it is probably the fastest model to make you money online in 7 days or less.

freelance writer 07 1 make money online
freelance writer 07 1 make money online

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has the capacity to empower you with a job-replacing income within a very short period. This is not counting the reality that you get to learn new money-making skills you can use in other areas other than affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, in most cases, require little capital or, on some platforms, zero capital to get started. You can do it so long as you have a smartphone and a good internet connection. This is how easy and cheap it is to get started. In fact…

If you are reading this post on your phone, Then nothing is stopping you from making money online with Affiliate Marketing!

With affiliate marketing, you can build your business in 3 days and start making money in 7 days or less. The only challenge is:

Most people usually stop after taking the first step… creating an account on affiliate networks like Expertnaire, Clickbank and the likes. They never go beyond this level. They have accounts scattered all over these networks.

But why?

The excitement to make money online…

the legitimate, slow way…

is soon eroded by the overwhelming reality that…

  1. you need to be able to identify the products or services people are begging to pay for
  2. you need the ability to connect with people – friends, relatives and strangers no matter what medium or media you chose to promote with

 What if you had someone or a system to show you how to really get started and run profitably?

Did you know that the best way to speed up making money online is by copying successful people or systems in your chosen model or niche?

Yes, there is no need reinventing the wheel when there are excellent ones you can model after! Someone rightly said…

the biggest mistake in life is not knowing the secrets of successful entrepreneurs (i.e. not having mentors).

Below is Mary-Joan’s testimony from her very short experience in affiliate marketing using the 72IG strategy…

I started implementing all I learnt from the 72IG Implementation Course on the 8th of November 2021.
In a space of 23 Days I made ₦844,000 as a complete newbie.
As a Nigerian corper that earns 33k at the end of the month, this just changed everything.


freelance writer 07 1 make money online

Meet The 72ig WhatsApp Income Engine

The 72IG WhatsApp Engine is a badass update and upgrade to Toyin Omotosho’s cash-vomitting 72IG Program, which simplifies the meaning and practice of affiliate marketing. Enrolling in the program equips you with the skills of a digital marketer and a dynamic affiliate marketer.

The best part?

It is raising a new breed of marketers who are having fun making money for themselves by recommending other people’s products.

The program comes with…

? marketing scripts for you to use on platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook

? at least 3 done-for-you hot-selling products – products people are actually begging to pay for

? mentorship

? regular program updates

? support group

? frequent zoom classes where successful affiliates share their strategies and experiences

? an opportunity to earn 50% commission whenever you sell the same program (currently sells at ₦60,000)… your commission is automatically upgraded with every price upgrade. The next price increase would happen anytime soon

? skills like copywriting, email marketing, web design, funnel mastery Facebook marketing and advertising, Twitter organic marketing and WhatsApp marketing

? WordPress plugins to make web design fun for you

? landing page templates for your website… and so much more.

But that’s not all…

? You also get year full access to the Expertnaire Product Marketplace. You can sell any product you want and earn the commission you desire. No limits to what you can do and how much you can earn when you get started today. ???

Additional Bonuses

I am coducting a short e-course to help you get started if you still think there’s still some hurdle you must cross. And for those on my list who get the program through me, you get to enjoy:

? 10 copywriting books

if you’d be using a website to promote like me, you will get…

? information on how to get premium WordPress plugins and themes with original licenses

? free email marketing tool, up to 2000 subscribers with unlimited send

? free funnel tool – up to 3 funnels

? WhatsApp and Telegram support group formations

? up to 15% cash back on the cost of the program

What’s the catch?

Your success!

Unfortunately, my bonuses are time-sensitive. This is saying if you do not act and get the 72IG WhatsApp Income Engine through my link within the specified time on the counter, you may not qualify for these juicy bonuses.

In addition to that, since some of the bonuses will require full attention to have them delivered to you, only the first 20 to enrol in the 72IG will benefit from everything in the package

Wrapping Up…

There are still legitimate ways to make money online without compromising your conscience, values and sanity. One of those legitimate ways is affiliate marketing.

Here, you can build or develop your business in 3 days and start making money in 7 days or less. That’s far less than the time required to set up a brick and mortar store.

While it is possible to make money online with affiliate marketing, it has never been a get-rich-quick scheme. It is for the serious-minded ones who are ready to put their backs into the work. If you are one of those serious ones, go ahead and take that leap today. 

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