3 Reasons Most E-Commerce Stores Fail

Ever wondered why most eCommerce stores fail? Then you won't need to wonder for too long...

I know what it means to start a business and fall flat on the face. I have been there... countless times!

My first attempt to start and build an online store was a dismissal. 

  • I lost my startup capital: about 50K (Nigerian Naira).
  • I was stuck with the products I bought for more than a year. Had to throw some away and use some for myself. The ones I gave away, nobody needed.
  • That's until I met Jonathan Melody and enrolled in his mentoring program in late October 2018.

You can check out the curriculum that changed my story below...

"Not everyone who works hard is rewarded. But all those who have succeeded have worked hard."- Kamogawa Genji

Looking to move to canada, Australia, brazil or the UK?

There are opportunities to  work, study and live in anyone of these countries.These opportunities include permanent residency.

Why people move abroad

Most people who move or travel abroad do so for several reasons.

While there are those who travel for business and leisure, there are also those who desire to live, study and work abroad in order to enjoy better career opportunities outside the shores of their respective countries.

What Others Say


I want to thank Mr. Jade for taking me under his wings & giving me his shoulders to climb on while trying to get it right in E-commerce.
It was tough for me trying to get clarity on my business online, but he patiently sacrificed his time, energy & convenience to help me, despite his tight schedule. I am super grateful Boss. May God reward you immensely.

Vivian U. 

 / Family Lifestyle Blogger


This Blueprint is for the serious-minded. If you seek to start a successful business online this year or even take your current online/offline business to the next level, then you need to listen to what Jade is saying.  When we talk about ecommerce in Nigeria, Jade Sulaiman learnt from one of Nigeria's finest and I have watched him selflessly help several others find their footing in the industry, I am glad to recommend him to anybody serious about sustainable wealth creation in 2020 and beyond.

Sunday "Sunnel" Adedeji

/ E-commerce Entreprenuer


For a while now, I needed a means to take my business to the next level. I didn't know how to go about it until Mr. Jade introduced me to the Blueprint in early 2019. I wasn't sure what I was getting into until my goods [first shipment] arrived in late 2019. I am a big time importer now.

Innocent O.

/ Water Engineer

Building A Career In Digital Marketing

The Internet has opened up a world of challenges... and a corresponding world of opportunities for businesses and individuals. Those who thrive in these competitive spaces must be dynamic in their approach. 

Digital marketing is the way to go for businesses and individuals who seek to take advantage of the challenges and succeed with and through them. 

Having a working knowledge of digital marketing is, therefore, no longer an option but a necessity for for increasing the visibility of your business and brand.

Digital marketing also offers a lucrative opportunity for career building or diversification. Click the button below to start building your own digital marketing career today.

Jade Sulaiman

A graduate of Political Science, 

Jade Sulaiman is a student and participant in Jonathan Melody's famed 10X eCommerce Blueprint. He joined the program in late October 2018 and hasn't looked back since. In 2019, he took Melody's Blueprint for a test-drive and proved the authenticity of the program with sales worth 3 million Naira on just 3 products. See two of the products here

He is also a perpetual student at the School of Life, where nobody graduates. He strongly believes that everyone has the right to becoming better at being themselves and at what they do.

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