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5 Mistakes You Must Avoid If You Are Serious About Succeeding Online

Whether You Are Planning A New Business Or Struggling With A Dying Business, This Will Help You!

If you are like most people currently doing business online, you could be struggling to keep your business or income flow going. This is especially true since the end of the first quarter of 2021. What if you could at least gain some mastery over the situation?

1. Pay Attention To Email Marketing

Most marketers are hamstrung into their current situation by their undoing. For example, what are you doing with your list of buyers/customers? I know this client who had an impressive list of high ticket customers - people who have ordered and paid for high ticket fitness products worth as high as $500 or 195,000 per unit and above (if you count the treadmills).

In foresight, I advised her to start email marketing. This suggestion went under the rug. Then, iOS 14.5 went live upsetting everything we understood about digital marketing in the past few years. Some of us now feel like we never knew a thing about online advertising. Do you feel that way too?

Concerning this client, the domain where the lists were hosted is no longer live because she decided not to retain it after a series of bans from Facebook - which is now the new normal with advertising on the platform. Consequently, all that treasure trove is gone. What a waste!

Did you know that the best way to create a lookalike audience on Facebook at the moment is by uploading your list? Interestingly, you can now update it too. Imagine what you could do with a list of over 1000 actual buyers!  


Each unit of this product sold between ₦165,000 and ₦195,000. Over 210 units sold that's over 210 actual buyers of a product priced between ₦165,000 and ₦195,000 and what you need to create a hot lookalike audience is a list of 100. Sweeter when it is attached with a lifetime value column. Do the math!

2. Pay Attention To Copywriting

Another thing most online marketers and business owners have lazily avoided is copywriting. This is a grave negligence. You need copywriting skills for practically everything you do online as a marketer or business owner. Mastering the art and selling with words can spell the difference between a struggling online business and a dying one.

One well-written email, blog or sales copy can revive your business or service. Poorly written ones will do otherwise. It's your call!

frank kern

Frank Kern

Creator, Behavioral Dynamic Response; the Most Sought After Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant & Copywriter on the Planet

There's no greater skill in Business..."

There’s no greater skill in Business, than being able to assemble a compelling sales argument in writing or on Camera. If you’re Good at Copywriting, You’re going to do a lot better than if you weren’t good at Copywriting. It’s the shortest path to Financial Freedom."

emmanuel johnson havanzer

Emmanuel Johnson

Founder/Head of Growth, Havanzer, Lagos

“The #1 Reason People Buy Something."

“Copywriting is the #1 reason people buy something. Nothing happens in business without great Copywriting. If I had to choose one skill, It would be Copywriting”

neil patel

Neil Patel

British entrepreneur, a New York Times Bestseller, Marketing Expert, Speaker,  Internet Personality, Founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar

“Everything In Business Revolves Around It."

So you need to be fluent in copywriting. Why? Everything in business revolves around it. Most companies report that content marketing (and copywriting) increased both the quantity and quality of leads.

3. Pay Attention To Other Advertising Platforms

Then, there is the matter of over reliance on one advertising platform...like Facebook. All must not start and end with Facebook ads. What happened to Google ads; Microsoft ads; Twitter ads; YouTube ads; etc.? Learning curves? Yes, there are learning curves in everything we do but there is nothing that cannot be learnt on-the-go.

You can review some of the best advertising platforms to try in 2021 here.

4. Try Blogging

Most of us, myself included, think blogging is a burden. So we burn cash on advertising. Another grave mistake. One of the best validations of blogging I have seen online is from a 2014 post from Huffpost [link is indicated for your further reading]. See a screenshot of the highlights

Most people who are against blogging do so because of the writing involved. If that's your challenge, you can outsource it on fiverr, freelancer, upwork or any of the freelancing platforms out there. You can learn on YouTube from Anastasia Blogger

5. Don't Stop Learning. Don't Stop Testing. Don't Get Stuck.

This could be the most important things you should pay attention to. Most marketers and business owners max out too early. They get comfortable with the little knowledge they have gathered and are quick to dismiss opportunities for further learning.

Facebook algorithm changes almost from quarter to quarter. Significant changes happen from year to year. What you knew last year will barely hold its own against the current environment. Changes! 

Ecommerce has experienced significant evolutions since the pandemic. Many merchants are now sourcing locally than from the international market. They look for big time importers and retail from them. What is your approach? Must your goods come from China or Turkey? Then, you have got another thing coming!

If selling physical products isn't working for you anymore, try digital products. If that too is not working, try affiliate marketing; web design; funnel design; etc. Digital marketing is a big niche. We have not even scratched the surface yet...at least, in Africa.

Test your offers. Test your copies. Test your opportunities. Don't stock anything you have not yet tested. Test your landing pages, etc. 

Now, I have something that can help put you on the right track to business and career explosion...

It doesn't matter what you sell online and what challenge you have encountered in the recent past, you can succeed if you refuse to quit and you insist on finding a way out. However, this can only happen if you are ready to unlearn or relearn your old tricks or learn new ones. And it's all about information.

One thing about information related to improving at anything--skill or trade, is that it never grows stale. People are still reading Napoleon Hill, Richard Templar, Gary Halbert and co. They were relevant when they were first written and they have remained relevant until date.

Being an avid reader and keen researcher + writer myself, every time I run into a wall in my life, I turn to books...even when I need divine direction on something, God somehow sends the relevant books my way. Therefore, I have put together some eBooks I am convinced will help you move forward in this race.

What's In The Package?

A total of 4 eBooks and 10 bonuses for less than the price of your monthly GOTv Max subscription and just one week of your Binge data bundle subscription on any of the Nigerian networks

But this is not all you get, I am putting together a community of like-minded people: eCom merchants, copywriters, digital marketers, bloggers. It's a support community where we share ideas, strategies, resources (cash not included) to help one another advance in this race.

All you need to do to access this is simply order for the eBooks and your access will be processed, instantly.

E-book 1 - 10 Ways To Write More Effective Ads

There are copies, and there are Copies. All copies are not born equal.

This 27-page ebook shows the key areas you need to focus on giving your copy the effectiveness you want it to have in order to get the results you desire, like: 

  • How to push buyers' or clients' emotional buttons so they patronize you 
  • Why focus on the benefits of the product or service rather than on the features and how to turn features into benefits. 
  • How to incorporate proofs and believability, and lots more.
E-book 2 - Copywriting Simplified

If you have written tests and exams before, then you can write copies that get people's attention. All you need is some polishing in the right direction so you can command greater impact.

14 explosive pages with 9 major topics:

  • How to write headlines that qualify your prospects
  • Web copywriting
  • The Compelling Story Technique
  • Addressing Prospects' Doubts and Excuses

And more. Copywriting is not so tough after all!

e-book 3 - The Copywriter's Handbook

This is another 30-page ebook showing all you need to know about selling effectively online. This book takes you into 

  • Headline Essentials
  • Unique Selling Proposition vs Emotional Selling Proposition
  • Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid
  • Swipes

Among others

e-book 4 - The Copywriter's Swipefile Vault

This one is like the mother lode of the collection, with 35 pages. It brings you

  • The A-Z of copywriting; 
  • Speed copywriting; 
  • How to introduce emotions to your copy and 
  • Swipes you can spin and use or learn from

You can have these copywriting e-books for just ₦2,000.00!

sunday adedeji

Sunday "Sunnel" Adedeji

eCom Merchant, Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Copywriter

"Readers are leaders, so they say.And you can't be a good copywriter if you can't read. These books have affected positively on Jade's generated sales, and I can testify to the originality of the generated revenue.

Anybody serious and desirous of improving his copywriting skill and revenue should urgently grab his/her copy of this offer. Jade is one of the very few silent good copywriters I know."

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There's More In The Package

A total of 4 eBooks and 10 bonuses for less than the price of your monthly GOTv Max subscription and just one week of your Binge data bundle subscription on any of the Nigerian networks

But this is not all you get, I am putting together a community of like-minded people: eCom merchants, copywriters, digital marketers, bloggers. It's a support community where we share ideas, strategies, resources (cash not included) to help one another advance in this race.

All you need to do to access this is simply order for the eBooks and your access will be processed, instantly.

PS: Building anything of value takes time and hard work. While these resources will show you what you need to do and what you must pay attention to, they will not do the work for you; they will not write the pitch or set up the ad campaigns for you. It's all on you.

However, if you put in the work and engage with the community, you will shine in the long-run.


Jade Sulaiman is an eCommerce merchant, 8-figure digital advertiser, avid reader, keen researcher, learner and writer of articles, books and copies. 

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