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How I Was Able To Go From Begging For a Permanent Job at FAAN, Kano To a Lagos Big Boy Making $2,000 - $4,000/Month Writing Simple Emails For Companies Abroad While In Nigeria.

With just my phone (I didn't have a laptop when i started).

This was me back in 2019 when I was broke… begging for a permanent job at FAAN (Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria), Kano. 

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I was living at the corper’s lodge sharing a room with 5 people (including me) and was paid nothing at work because my then boss promise to use his connection to get a permanent slot. 

After about 11 and half months, nothing happened… all I kept hearing was “Ibrahim, be patient” 

‘Promise ‘N Fail’ every SINGLE time.

By now, I was so broke that I started to steal food from other people’s pot. That sapa was intense. So, please don’t judge me. 

I felt like a failure because I’m the first and only son of my mum with 3 sisters. And I kept thinking… how will I take care of them if I continue waiting for empty promises

So the following year 2020, I left Kano and moved back to my parent’s house to start this business.

Everyone including my family members thought I was crazy. As they say, the rest is history…

This is me today being able to afford anythig I want, spoil my mum and my sisters and livE life on my terms plus total freedom

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photo 2022 06 29 16 31 32
photo 2022 06 29 16 40 24

From the desk of Umoru Ibrahim

See, the economy is getting tougher everyday and the government is not ready to do anything about it. 

Foodstuff are getting super expensive and salary is not increasing yet this same government is spending N100M buying presidential ticket. 

It’s written on the wall… This people don’t care one bit… they only care about their pockets and sending their kids abroad. 

The naira to dollar exchange rate as of the time of writing this is $1 = N740 and with the way things are looking, it might reach $1 = N1,000

Oh yes, God forbid is easy to say but ask yourself… since the dollar began rising from $1 = N150… has it ever gone back down?

Smart thinking people like me.. duh… are taking advantage of the naira fall by earning in dollars online doing simple jobs for firms abroad using just my smartphone.

Not to brag… I make at least $1,000 (N600,000) every single month writing simple emails for companies abroad using just my phone. 

And you can do this too even if your English isn’t perfect.

photo 2021 11 27 22 58 26

Now if you’d like to know how to earn dollars writing simple emails for firms abroad and escaping the hardship of this economy…

I’m holding a LIVE webinar this weekend showing a small group of people how to do this. 

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In This Live Webinar, You'll Discover...

=> How you can replicate my results for yourself too (N600,000)in 30 days 

=> What this email writing is all about and how you can get started

=> How to find paying clients who pay for this service. They pay $50 – $100 for just one single email and the least you’ll write is 5 emails. So do the math…

=> What to say to these clients to get hired and work for them

=> How to cash out your dollars using your phone WITHOUT talking to any aboki or money changer

Some Results From People Who Have Learned From Me

photo 2022 05 24 19 05 32
photo 2022 04 01 21 14 04
photo 2022 06 29 16 01 17
FotoJet 2
photo 2022 04 25 19 50 00
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