The 8 Secrets To TikTok Marketing for viral awareness and sales You Never Knew About

ByteDance‘s social media app, TikTok is no stranger to virality. It is a place where marketers serious about promoting their brands, products or services should be right now…if you must reach out to unique audiences and escalate the growth of your business or brand.

Vibrant colours, playful interface and short-form videos are just a few of the remarkable features of this app that first went live in September of 2016. It now has 1 billion monthly active users and 3 billion app downloads.

TikTok is the world’s most popular website, dethroning Google, and the most popular social media platform, unseating Facebook. This is the more remarkable when we consider that the same TikTok ranked 7th in 2020!

Depending on the size of an account, posts on TikTok average an engagement rate of 17.96% compared to a paltry 3.86% on Instagram and 1.63% on YouTube for micro-influencers.

For mega-influencers or accounts with larger following, the rates are 4.96% on TikTok, 1.21% on Instagram, 0.07% on Facebook and 0.37% on YouTube. These figures may vary from brand-to-brand or niche-to-niche. Noteworthy, however, is that these engagement rates are purely ORGANIC – not paid ads!

At least 60% of its users were born between 1997 and 2012.


How This Affects Marketing and Your Business

If your business and marketing goal is to –

✔️ Create brand awareness

✔️ Sell products and services

✔️ Build a loyal community for your brand, product and services

✔️ Get feedback from your customers or clients

✔️ Reach new audiences

✔️ Advertise to target audiences

✔️ Explore other sources of paid and organic traffic for your brand or business

Then, TikTok is the platform you need get on right now. The sheer ability of TikTok taking any post, challenge or brand and making it go viral is one reason the app continues to attract users, businesses and marketers like you.

It is also designed to deliver an impressive amount of content with an infinite scroll of highly engaging short-form videos, usually 15-seconds long. 

No wonder most TikTokers spend an average of 80 minutes on the app per day. 

In Nigeria, there are over 43 million social media users according to Statista. About 32.9% or 14.14 million of this population can be found on TikTok!

This is an impressive audience size to promote your brand, product or services to.

Also, when you consider how easily your brand or business can easily build a large following on the world’s fastest growing social media platform, where even a 17-year-old could amass a 100 million followership base, you would appreciate why you must not waste any more time in getting on-board.

However, whether you have been on the platform for a while now or you have been contemplating it or you are a total newbie to this whole TikTok thing, you’d certainly need this report to guide you through making the most of the platform.

The 8 Secrets To Marketing Success with TikTok

Its achievements aside, TikTok is still a relatively new social media platform-cum-app with just $4 billion generated from marketing engagements on its platform as of 2021. 

This is a far-cry from Facebook’s $114.93 billion within the same year.

However, what this means is that most marketers are yet to take advantage of the advertising and marketing opportunities available on the platform.

TikTok is yet to be taken over by marketers, making it a virgin land to most marketers. The earlier you can get in on the game, the faster you will cash out.

This report has simplified the entire process of setting up your TikTok account and optimizing every single action on the platform towards a profitable marketing engagement.

Among the 8 secrets uncovered in this free report, you will discover 

✔️ How to set up an attractive TikTok Profile

✔️ How to engage with other users on the platform and grow your audience fast

✔️ How to post the right kind of video content

✔️ How to plan your content

✔️ How to get and use the right hashtags

✔️ How to identify and use the right marketing strategies



tiktok marketing secrets

As popular as it has grown, one can easily get

  • Distracted by the countless number of highly-engaging content on the platform, or 
  • Overwhelmed by the high quality of  the content that flood TikTok on a second-to-second basis.
  • Frustrated by the overload of information on how to take advantage of the marketing opportunities on the platform
Fortunately, this report is short and straight to the point. It contains 13 pages of high-value content, explained in plain English even a 14-year-old could understand and implement within minutes!

Best part of it, the Special Report is extremely affordable. 

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