72IG and Expertnaire: A Match Made In Heaven?

The 72IG or 72 Hours Income Generator, now redesignated as the 72 Hours WhatsApp Income Generator, is Expertnaire's premier course. It is probably Expertnaire's highest selling program at the moment.

The 72IG is the course that launched Expertnaire in 2018 and kickstarted Nigeria's topmost affiliate marketing platform. You could say there is no Expertnaire without 72IG and not be farther from the truth.

Most top affiliate marketers on Expertnaire made their first million from promoting the program. As of today, Expertnaire has over 30,000 registrants/affiliates and a countless number of them have earned at least a ₦100,000 since joining the network.

The program and the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform has also raised several millionaires. Most of these millionaires made their first-ever million via the platform, some of them within months of joining.

You can join Expertnaire without getting the 72IG program by Toyin Omotosho but the get best value from your membership of Expertnaire, I recommend you join by enrolling in the program here

72ig expertnaire affiliates
A Common Misconception about 72IG and Expertnaire

Most people who purchase the 72IG program believe it is all about affiliate marketing. They fail to see the big picture.

As a result, they go all out for the commissions without understanding the program and grasping the priceless skills it offers.

Consequently, them or those they have recommended the program to return with bitter complaints, frusrated, disappointed.

This was nearly my experience until I realized how wrong I was. This realization came almost a year after I joined Expertnaire.

72IG and Expertnaire - Beyond Affiliate Marketing

The program was recently updated and renamed the 72 Hours WhatsApp Income Generator Program and Toyin Omotosho explains why in this post

Contrary to what most people think, the 72 Hours WhatsApp Income Generator Program is a comprehensive marketing masterclass. Now, in case you didn't know, affiliate marketing or AM is classified as a category under digital marketing. If you understand this, it means more than just sharing your affiliate links on social media or spamming people's posts with your links.

The program teaches you life skills and actually helps you to build a digital marketing career for yourself. I have listed some of the benefits of the course below:

72igWtp 72ig

Main Benefits of 72IG...

  • Provides a Perfect Work From Home Income Opportunity
    Anybody who is serious about improving their finances can start with the program and blow within a month or less. While results may differ from individual to individual, one thing remains clear: you can implement lessons from the program and work profitably from the comfort of your home and with just a smart phone.
  • Newbie-Friendly
    The lessons of the program are simple enough for anybody with little or no experience in digital marketing to get started. Corps members, professoinals, classroom teachers, traders and people from various walks of life have all enrolled in the course and are showcasing the lessons learnt in fields other than affiliate marketing. Toyin Omotosho once shared the story of a restaurant owner who improved her sales by applying insights from the program.
  • Learn Digital Marketing
    For the uninitiated, Toyin Omotosho has been making money online since 2010. Together with his friend, they introduced the first online betting service in Nigeria. He is a course creator/vendor, copywriter, affiliate marketer, serial entrepreneur with vested interest in agriculture, real estate, tourism, among others. But he remains Nigeria's foremost Digital Marketer. All his years of digital marketing experience are summed up in the 72IG program. The program teaches you WhatsApp Marketing, PPC or pay-per-click Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Web design and Funnel Building, Information Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, among others.
  • Build a Reliable Passive Income Generating System
    The 72 Hours [WhatsApp] Income Generator program equips you with valuable skills that can generate more income for you on the side. These skills can earn you anywhere between ₦5,200 - ₦61,000 per sale (for digital products on the Expertnaire affiliate marketplace) or per client, if you decide to provide services with the knowledge you acquire from the course. In which case you can charge as low as ₦3,000 - ₦5,000 per client daily or as high as ₦250,000 or more monthly, per client. (More on this below)
  • Enjoy 1 Year Free Membership Access to The Expertnaire Platform
    The 72 Hours [WhatsApp] Income Generator program allows you to enjoy one year free access to the Expertnaire affiliate marketplace. This means you can promote any of the products on Expertnaire free for one full year after joining the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator program and earn commission on every sale. This full access also includes free zoom classes which hold mostly on Wednesdays from week-to-week or as scheduled. You get to learn new skills, make new friends, and lots more. 
  • Earn 50% (Up to ₦30,000 as of January 2022) Commission on Every Recommendation of the Program That Ends in a Sale
    As a student of the 72 Hours WhatsApp Income Generator program, you earn 50% of program's current enrolment fee.
  • Sell More. Earn More.
    The most beautiful thing about the 72 Hours Income Generator is its ability to equip you with more digital marketing skills than you can possibly get anywhere else at such an affordable fee. With the course, you learn to sell more of your product or service and earn more doing so. You can use the skills to grow your business or build a highly profitable career with them or grow your business and build a highly profitable career where you combine your skills and experience to offer services to other businesses.
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Building a Reliable Passive Income Generating System with the 72 Hours WhatsApp Income Generator Program: A Personal Story

The entire world witnessed shockwaves following the declarations of lockdown around the world in March 2020. This rocked the boat for most small scale eCommerce merchants like myself. Over ₦500,000 washed down the drain by delayed shipping schedules, failed or cancelled orders, hiked delivery fees, wasted advertising funds...

Crushed and indebted, life gradually became unbearable. Even with suicidal thoughts tormenting me, I was determined to hold on and move forward for the sake of my family and vision. That's when a friend presented me with an opportunity to run Facebook ads for a business.

Combining my eCommerce experience with the knowledge from the 72 Hours Income Generator (that's the name when I enrolled in June 2019) and the desperation of a drowning man, I accepted the offer. This would be my first time to manage someone's business in that capacity.

We went on to make gross income with multiple tens of 8 digits between June 16, 2020 and January 2021. As you guessed, the service wasn't free. Imagine a daily fee of $10/product and multiplying this by at least 1 product per time. 

While most people see the course as an affiliate marketing program, you can implement the skills in any sphere of digital marketing and still excel. 

But, What Is Affiliate Marketing (AM)?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model where a marketer, referred to as an affiliate or advertiser, earns commission from marketing another individual's or company's products. The owner of the product is called a vendor or publisher.

Most big businesses around engage affiliates to help promote their goods and services in exchange for a fixed commission. As a result, affiliate marketing has witnessed a consistent annual growth of 10% since 2015 and as at 2018, the estimated value of AM worldwide stood at US$12 billion.   

How Does AM Work?

The affiliate marketing system has four main parts, namely:

  • the seller/vendor/publisher
  • the affiliate marketing network
  • the affiliate
  • the consumer

Usually, the affiliate picks a hot-selling or high-in-demand product from the affiliate marketplace on the affiliate network and drives traffic to it using any of the traffic generation models he can afford, whether free or paid, and when he makes a successful recommendation, he gets paid his commission as per the affiliate network's schedule. Expertnaire pays out commissions every Friday.

The affiliate network is the connector between the affiliate and the vendor or publisher. The vendor's products are listed on the affiliate network's marketplace. Expertnaire is Nigeria's premier affiliate network for mostly high value digital products.

The affiliate...

  • registers with the affiliate network
  • gets his registration approved. This is the affiliate recruitment process
  • gains access to the products marketplace and his unique affiliate link 
  • runs free or paid traffic to his unique affiliate link and when someone purchases the product or subscribes to the service being promoted with his link,  
  • earns a commission for the sale.

For free traffic he could use platforms like Quora, Medium, Facebook Groups and Posts, YouTube, TikTok posts, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc. while he has the option of using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads Native Ads, Email Marketings, and a host of others.

While the commission is definitely a well-deserved motivation, the life skills learnt from doing AM is what has given rise to many top affiliates who are millionaires.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Multilevel Marketing Vs Referral Marketing: What's The Difference?

There is a misconception that AM, MLM and RM are alike but you can decide for yourself.

  • In most cases, free to join. No PVs and kits required to get started
  • Promote the products of your choice and at your pace. Each sales earns you a commission
  • Recruiting other affiliates is not compulsory as you can still earn hefty commissions just by selling the products or services. There are cases where commissions are shared 50-50 or even 70-30 with the affiliate taking the lionshare
  • Start and end your promotion online to complete strangers. Direct communications may never be needed
  • Requires an initial subscription fee, PVs and getting started kit
  • At best, your subscription plan determines the products you can promote. Otherwise, you promote only what the company gives you. Your earning is largely determined by the PVs or points you amass through product sales and membership recruitments (downlines)
  • Most MLMs require a downline (recruit) and upline (recruiter) structure to fully run. In the end, those at the top (recruiters) tend to earn more.
  • Can start and end promotion online but it heavily depends on direct communication
  • Absolutely free to start referring people to a brand product or service.
  • Most referral marketing drives work best with products or services you have experienced and rewards are usually in the form of discounts, credits and upgrades. Usually the credits, more like commissions, are significant as you make referrals 
  • Referral marketing is essentially word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, it thrives on altruism, relationships and emotions. As a result, your rewards are paid when your referrals become paying customers or subscribers. Until then, you get nothing during their trial periods.
  • Can start and end online just like AM

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Undoubtedly, AM is one of the most recommended and most reliable ways to make money online. If you are serious about making an extra income while keeping your day job, then AM is for you. Additional reasons for you to consider affiliate marketing are:

1. Passive Income. In simple words, affiliate marketing allows you make money while you sleep. You do not need to work 40-80 hours a week to earn a commission. Set up your system, whether paid or free, and watch the money roll in. This does not mean that AM does not require your efforts or attention. It does because you cannot get results otherwise. 

2. No Customer Support Hassles. The affiliate only has to connect the buyer to the seller. The task of providing customer with the necessary support is up to the seller/vendor, publisher or product creator.

3. Low Cost. While affiliate marketing with Expertnaire may require an annual subscription fee of ₦10,000 which is nothing compared to what you would make out of the system if you put your back into it, most affiliate networks do not require any entry fee. Entry fee aside, starting AM requires low start-up and running cost. Most of the tools you need to succeed as an affiliate can be gotten for free online via your smartphone!

4. Work from Home. AM allows you work from the comfort of your home, at your most productive and convenient time, with no employer breathing fire and brimstone down your neck. Working from home gives you the luxury of spending time with your loved ones, working on your terms and, determining how and when you get paid.

5. Flexible and Convenient Working Conditions. Work when you want, how you want and, only promote products and services you love. No forced targets or deadlines. Say goodbye to ungodly bureaucracies.

6. Determine How Much You Earn. In affiliate marketing, you get rewarded based on your performance. No downlines required. The more effort you put into promoting the products or services, the more you make sales. The more sales you or subscriptions you bring in, the more commissions you make. You've got the aces and how you play determines how you win. Simple.

7. Promote With Free Tools. Did you know that there are countless tools you actually use free to get started with AM? These marketing tools range from email service providers to websites, funnel builders and platforms where you can promote your products or services for absolutely free!

Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is currently gathering steam and only those who appreciate this reality can dive in for a jolly ride. No, this doesn't mean the concept is entirely to Nigerians. Most individuals who now run affiliate programs/networks in the country were and still are affiliates to many such networks in the US and other places. 

Sadly, however, most of the affiliate networks outside Nigeria make it difficult for Nigerians and a host of other countries to register and promote on their platforms. This has resulted in interested persons doing some unconventional things like identity rigging and location spoofing [using VPNs] to hide their true identities and locations just to promote on these networks.

Affiliate networks like Clickbank are notorious for outrightly banning Nigerians and sometimes, withholding their earnings. Nigeria is blacklisted on Clickbank and that hurts. This doesn't mean that there are no Nigerians who are successfully promoting Clickbank's products. There are countless. Trust Nigerians with their survival skills!

On Commission Junction or CJ, there are products or services that cannot be promoted by affilliates from Nigeria. This is one of such hurdles Nigerian affiliates experience when promoting on foreign affiliate networks.

To curb most of these hurdles, some established affiliates like Toyin Omotosho are now setting up local affiliate networks like Expertnaire. which we would look at shortly, is one of such networks. In the next section, we will look at affiliate marketing with Expertnaire and how you can make money online with it in 2022 and beyond.

Affiliate Marketing With Expertnaire


Expertnaire is Nigeria's largest affiliate network for digital products. It boasts of over: 70 vendors, 30,000 affiliates and 100,000 products sold. Yes, it also claims to sell only high value products.

expertnaire stats-jadesulaiman.com

It is a marketplace where affiliates connect consumers to vendors. The vendors are the creators of the products displayed in the marketplace while the affiliates are the promoters. Then, the consumers are the users of those products. Everyone goes home happy after every successful sale.

expertnaire marketplace-jadesulaiman.com

How To Get Started With Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

step 1

Option 1: Pay A Sign-Up Fee of 10,000

This sign-up fee gives you one year of full access to the platform. You are free to promote any and all the products in the marketplace and pocket the commissions.

Products are priced between ₦6,500 and ₦250,000 while commissions vary from 30% to 80%.

You also earn commissions on products you buy for your personal use.

Click sign-up here for ₦10,000 to get started now!

step 2

Option 2: Purchase the 72IG WhatsApp Program

Enjoy one year of full access to the platform and all the benefits in option 1 plus:

- 9 Explosive training videos showing you how to maximize the benefits of the platform

- WhatsApp Content Templates

- WhatsApp Sales Templates

- The 72IG Implementation Program 2.0

- Done for You WhatsApp Campaigns For 3 Hot Selling Products on Expertnaire

- 50% Affiliate Commissions For The 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator

- Access to a 3-hour weekly online support and training class where you  get help with tackling any of the challenges you might have and the insight you need to help you succeed.

step 3

Get Your Affiliate Links from the Marketplace 

After creating your Expertnaire account using either Option 1 or Option 2, sign into your account head over to the Product Marketplace to fetch your unique affiliate links

step 4

Start Promoting

Start promoting your links to your WhatsApp status, groups (permission from group's admin may be required), Facebook groups and marketplaces, Quora, Medium and others.

Each platform may require a different approach from the other as per their terms of use. So, make you understand their expectations before you share you links there. 

To make your links appealing, without appearing spammy, use link services like rebrand.ly and tinyurl. 

Your links are tracked to make sure you get your commissions when the sales start rolling in.

How To Get Paid As An Expertnaire Affiliate

There are two ways to earn money on Expertnaire and you can combine both at any given time. These ways are:

  1. Promote a product. This has been discussed above. Promote a product, earn a commission on every sale.
  2. Recommend Expertnaire as a reliable platform for making legitimate money online. For this, you get up to 30% commission for every referral who registers for an account with the ₦10,000.

The question now is: how and when do I get paid once the commission is earned?

As an Expertnaire affiliate, you get paid on Fridays, so long as your minimum balance is ₦5,000 and the sale leading to the commission is up to 7 full days excluding the day the sale happened. As a simple rule of thumb, you get paid the second Friday after the sale. Not the first. This is to allow for any reversed or canceled sale, i.e., where a customer decides he didn't get commensurate value for his purchase.

You set up your payment method when setting up your profile during account set up.

Note, your account creation is not automatic. In fact, after signing up, you'd get an email notifying you your account is being created and this could take up to 24 hours. If you do get access within 24 hours, no sweat. Simply shoot an email to the support team and expect a reply in your inbox. 

How do you know you have made a sale? You will get an email notification to that effect. Something like the one below:

sales notice

I just made ₦20,000 for recommending a course to a friend, who went ahead to purchase the course with the affiliate link I shared with him. Imagine making at least this amount or even ₦7,500 daily for 30 days. You'd be making anywhere between ₦225,000 - ₦600,000 in extra income per month. This is assuming you are not running ads, just doing relationship marketing via WhatsApp.

You also receive a similar email when you receive a payment. 

Are People Really Making Money With Expertnaire?

I guess this is your way of asking if Expertnaire is legit or scam...just another scheme to defraud gullible Nigerians.

Okay, proofs hardly tell a lie.

I joined Expertnaire to do affiliate marketing, alongside my eCommerce business. However, I haven't given it the attention it deserved until now. Nevertheless, my gains from the platform come from implementing less than half of the things I learnt from the 72 Hours Income Generator.

I have used that knowledge, combined with my eCommerce and a little push from my mentor to bring in some mind-numbing sales for a client within 4 months. You can view the video below 

But that's not all, while doing almost little to nothing on the platform, I have also made sales of over a ₦100,000. 

I have also included testimonies from other affiliates. Knock yourself out below:

my expertnaire earnings
expertnaire testimonies
expertnaire testimonies
expertnaire testimonies
expertnaire testimonies

Making Sure You Don't Lose Time and Money With Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

This is the most sensitive part of the entire conversation. People actually lose money doing affiliate marketing. Big-time, super affiliates who are now considered world class once had the shine rubbed out of them in affiliate marketing.

Jono and Cice Armstrong are considered affiliate marketing's super couple and product creators. They are the founders of Ministry of Freedom and their initial experiences with Amazon and Shopify affiliates were not pleasant. The couple lost good money but that's now history.

In 2021, I tried promoting some products on Expertnaire and failed woefully. I burnt over $300 and I kept wondering where my money went. I wasn't really keeping track until I sat down to take stock of my ad spend...

  • $100 on Google Ads promoting one product
  • I moved my madness to Opera Ads and spent another $60
  • I went ahead to spend $160 on Twitter Ads
  • This is not counting my ad spend on Facebook which was roughly ₦25,000
  • That's approximately ₦185,000 at ₦500/USD + ₦25,000!
  • And not a single sale

Funniest of all, I didn't know why I was flunking the whole thing. At least not until I reviewed my biggest flops of 2021. Here are things to do avoid losing precious money...

1. Identify and promote what the people actually need. Don't create the demand; meet the demand. I was trying to promote products I felt the people wanted. I failed to use tools like Google Trends to feel the temperature of the market. I was just singing my song not minding if anyone enjoyed its melody or not. Research the market!

Hot products are not magical products. They are products people are raved up about, products they really want. As an affiliate, just go with the flow and make your kill when the opportunity abounds. There are products best promoted to an existing list

2. Mindset matters in every area of life, including affiliate marketing. After the losses, I became scared to commit money into promoting any products. I took the back seat and watched as guys cashed out big time. 2021 was a great year for most of the affiliates.

3. Stick to what works best for you, but don't stay a statue. Be flexible, but don't get distracted. Most of my sales were made through Facebook ads and recommendations. There was a period I was among the top 5 affiliates driving traffic to Expertnaire from Facebook but the moment I started jumping from one platform to another, I shot myself in the leg.

Should you try other platforms?


However, understand that you'd be leaving your audience behind on the old platform, except you know how to keep all your audiences on the various platforms engaged. Twitter and Facebook are both social media platforms but they cater to peculiar audiences. The difference is most glaring on TikTok.

So, know where your strength lies and channel your resources there until you are confident you can handle other responsibilities or challenges.

4. Identify your most profitable niche/s and stay there. It's great to sell multiple products as an affiliate but how well do you know your products and those who need them? Research the product/niche!

You cannot sell every product in the marketplace. There are currently 65 products on in the Expertnaire Product Marketplace. So there is enough to go round. Trying to promote all will drain your focus and resources.

Trying to sell everything that catches your fancy will make you a watered-down marketer. You deny yourself the opportunity to become an authority on any of these products. I was promoting 4-5 products at one time. One day, I had to call myself to order. I asked myself what the heck I was doing.

5. Don't overlook the commissions. You are in there for the commissions but don't get greedy targeting products with high commissions. Some of these products are a tough-sell. Go for products with good commissions and good conversion rates. You will know these products from conversations in the support group. Expertnaire does not provide stats at the moment.

6. As a starter, promote products with marketing materials for affiliates. Email swipes, sales funnels, promotional scripts to use on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and WhatsApp, special trainings for affiliates, lead magnets, solid support system all make the 72IG a tough competition to beat.

As an affiliate, you'd want to promote products with your best interest at heart: just plug and play. Such products save you the setup time and you could be up and running within 2 to 3 days, or less if you opt for the WhatsApp option.

7. Be creative. Understand you are not the only one promoting the best-selling product in the marketplace, so develop your unique selling point, a strategy or group of strategies that makes you stand out from the rest. However, don't get so creative that you get lost in the maze of your own creativity.

8. Get the right knowledge and tools. In my digital marketing journey, I have been so privileged to learn from some of the best minds on the subject. Toyin Omotosho is one of such minds. He is a man who knows his onion and walks the walk even as he talks the talk. In other words, he practices what he teaches.

It's always best to get the right knowledge and tools from the right sources. Trying to go it alone, consulting no one, working with scanty information and paying exorbitantly for tools you could have gotten for dirt cheap is the prescription for disaster as a digital-cum-affiliate marketer in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. 

You need to from those who are succeeding at it already. 

You need tools that will give you the best results, or at least the results you deserve.

You will discover these inside the 72 Hours WhatsApp Income Generator, a.k.a., the ₦107k/week WhatsApp Income Engine

These are just 8 ways you can avoid losing time and money as an affiliate. However, after all is said and down, every business requires a heart that is daring, not risk-aversed and a stomach that can accomodate the reality of losses. In other words, there'd still be losses and risks must be taken. Expertnaire, like every business system, is not perfect and there are bound to be errors...

Errors that can lead to losses. Some systemic errors may be avoidable, while some are bound to happen. You should ask yourself if those who have made millions promoting the platform's products possess two heads. I guess not.

toyin omotosho by the hand
toyin omotosho is a baht guy
toyin omotosho

As I head towards the end of this conversation, I must point out that AM is notoriously age-friendly and hardly discriminates against your educational qualification. You only need to understand the basics and you should do just fine.

It is not MLM, even though some affiliates make the error of making it look so. Referral marketing may look like AM but the similarities are not much when you look at them critically. Again, some affiliates make AM look like RM.

The greatest injustice you can do to yourself as an affiliate is focus so much on selling that you forget to maximize the benefits of your product towards making yourself better. 


I doubt this conversation is comprehensive enough. Even though I have tried to touch on a number of issues, AM, just like Digital Marketing, is broad and conversations on it are still evolving.

One thing is glaring though: you can legitimately make money online with AM and all the awesome skills you learn from it.

The 72IG, or 72IG WhatsApp Income Engine, or whatever other names it is known by is more than a make money online course. It is a digital marketing masterclass and probably Mr. Toyin Omotosho's best training to date.

While it is a great way to make extra income by promoting high value digital products through your unique affiliate links, you can also build a massive digital marketing career with it.


Join My Special 72IG e-Course

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72ig more than affiliate marketing
72ig more than affiliate marketing
72ig more than affiliate marketing