…at this rate you can sack your current boss within 6 months! 

Did you know that, as at 2018, the affiliate marketing industry is a huge money-spinner valued at $12BN?

That’s $12,000,000,000 or 4,990,000,000,000 (roughly 5 Trillion Naira)!

Now, you must not get the entire 5 trillion Naira or even 2.5 Trillion Naira. In case, you haven’t checked yet, even 1% of this figure would make you a billionaire with ₦50,000,000,000! Unless that’s your goal, this is not our focus.

I just want you to understand this is a huge industry capable of satisfying all your financial needs if you commit to it and are ready to work the work. The most beautiful parts of it:

✔️You don’t need to buy any product, except you want to have an in-depth idea of what you are selling

✔️You don’t need loads of cash or extra cash to get started

✔️Anybody can do it, provided you know how to press a smartphone, i.e. a phone that has WhatsApp on it

✔️It gives you an opportunity to make money locally and globally And, it is not about bringing 2 that will bring another 2.

✔️You make money at your own pace, never at the mercy of one downline or another…

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How realistic is it to make ₦210,000 weekly or ₦840,000 monthly?

Pick a product with a commission of ₦30,000 and promote throughout the month. Here’s your closing:

₦30,000 x 7 = ₦210,000

₦210,000 x 4 = ₦840,000

Imagine what this extra income could do for you!

There’s no law that says you cannot sell more than these figures in a month. Some persons are doing way beyond these monthly.

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Your well-wisher

Jade Sulaiman

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